19 July 2010

Car Maintenance

TDP's problem turned out to be a brand-new chain tensioner that is binding up. This tensioner was put on as part of a timing set not too long ago, so we didn't even suspect that we had a problem with it. Of course it can't be warrantied out because it was part of a set.

Anyway, a new one has been ordered and should be in tomorrow so TDP will once again be operational. It's Middle Daughter's car now in all but the names on the title, she will take it home with her when it's running again and will register it in her name whenever. Until then I guess she will drive it on my dime. Some things haven't changed.

The Subaru will get it's timing belt right after repairs on TDP are complete, along with a tune up and a full round of fluids. It should then be good for another 105K miles on the timing belt. I got a couple of key fobs for it the other day so now I can lock and unlock it remotely, aren't I special. I haven't figured out if it really has an alarm system or not yet, if it does it's stuck in the valet mode.

I also got a call from the Subi dealer saying the hitch is in, so I'll go get it on my next day off. When it gets put on I'll go get a small 4x7 trailer to carry the things that the bed is too small for. I'll order the cover for the bed this week also, and when it comes in and is installed the Subi modifications (such as they are) will be complete.

It's kinda nice doing stuff to cars cause I want to instead of cause I have to.

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