10 July 2010


Since I got the Subaru I have been casting about for information on them, specifically online forums where I could get all the inside scoop on common problems and the like. The Subaru Brat and Baja each have their own online forums at scoobytruck.com where all of this information can be found.

Of course the obvious question (besides who cares) is why the heck are they called "Scoobytrucks" anyway?

Apparently all Subarus (Subarii?) are commonly referred to as "Scooby" this or that; it's a play on words. Subaru sounds like Scooby-doo, Subaru is commonly shortened to Subi, Subi sounds like Scooby, so there you go. Since the Baja and Brat were the only two Subaru (Subi) trucks, they are Scoobytrucks.

This concludes your trivia lesson for the day.

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