11 July 2010


Sister In Law and I rounded up two of her grandkids and Youngest Son, and off to the skating rink we went.

It's been 25 years or better since I wore wheels on my feet, and Youngest Son was all excited about seeing the old man hit the boards. Literally hitting the boards, I mean. He assured me that he would show me everything about skating I needed to know, and it would be OK if I fell down.

I'm happy to say that his fondest dreams were dashed. My posterior never touched wood (although it was certainly a close thing several times). I am certain that my lower back and leg muscles will be having rude things to say to me tomorrow though.

Before we went skating Youngest Son and I went to the home improvement store and got nine castle-wall blocks and twelve bags of pea gravel. The blocks went the rest of the way around Memorial Grove and the gravel got spread out around the hibiscus all the way up to the bench. It will probably take another 40 bags or so before the area is all covered, and maybe more still to cover to a depth that will keep the red dirt from peeking out. Pics later when I have time.

41 hours remaining on the pony car countdown. Not, of course, that I am counting or anything.

Middle Daughter is all excited about that. Monday night I'm going to pick the pony up on the way to work and leave the Banana Boat at the dealer for the night. Tuesday morning she and I will go get it. Since she can't drive a stick, she will get to drive the pony back. With the top down and the radio blasting, I'm sure.

I have a dry-erase board on the fridge where we both write down our work schedules. For Tuesday the only thing she has scheduled, all day, is "Driving the Mustang!!!!"

I hope she realizes that this will not be an all-day affair.

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