10 March 2011


Last night, after trying many times to come to an agreement with the Democrat lawmakers who had fled the state rather than do their jobs, the Wisconsin Senate separated the collective bargaining piece of the budget bill and passed it.

The new provisions require union members to pay more towards their own health and pension plans and strips the collective bargaining option from benefit negotiations. This will save the cash-starved state about $300 million over the next two years while still giving the public sector unions better benefits than most everyone else gets (including Federal employees, who also cannot collectively bargain for benefits).

This morning the Union supporters showed out their butt-hurtedness on the State Capitol. Usual Suspects Jessie Jackson Sr. and Micheal Moore have weighed in as well. Democrat lawmakers have finally decided to come back to work now that their ploy to hold the legislative process hostage has failed.

Now we get to see how well the "new civility" lasts.


Anniee451 said...

Wisconsin has always been a leader ain't they? When the welfare thing came through they said "Eff your federal money; we'll handle it ourselves," and NOW they've broken the unions? FERREAL????

Christie needs to take a lesson from them and follow suit. He knows what BS it all is.

Larry said...

Everyone could take some lessons from Scott Walker.
Thanks for dropping by Annie!

cmblake6 said...

At an absolute minimum their pay should be attached for that period they pulled this crap. Prefer the idea of being charged with AWOL and dishonorably discharged from their posts.

Larry said...

Unfortunately they aren't military so they can't be charged with dereliction of duty. They can, however, be recalled.
Thanks for dropping by cmblake!