06 March 2011

Women And Children Hardest Hit

In yesterday's local fish wrap was the story with the headline "Job market is shrinking for Hispanics in N.C."

From that headline you would expect the story would be all about how the Raaaaacist Evil Business Owners are discriminating against People Of Brownish Color.

But gosh, when you get to this paragraph, it is all explained:

"Many of the ones who are leaving are in the country illegally... Because of changes in the law, they can no longer get driver's licenses, which makes it nearly impossible to work. And they worry about getting caught, arrested and deported, earning criminal records that would make it even harder to ever get legal papers."

Another telling line: "It was hard for them before, and now the jobs they were able to get are being taken by [Americans], who are now willing to work at those jobs when they weren't willing to before."

Read more: http://www.newsobserver.com/2011/03/05/1030765/job-market-is-shrinking-for-hispanics.html#storylink=misearch#ixzz1FqbMQeYn

The problem isn't that North Carolina is prejudiced against Hispanics. The problem is that we have quite enough unskilled labor as it is, much of it home-grown. Being here illegally just adds to the difficulties.


cary said...

Hey, enough of the states actually start enforcing (gasp!) federal immigration laws, maybe all the illegals will self-deport?

Larry said...

Funny thing is, NC isn't really actively enforcing the Fed laws like Arizona is, but the illegals are just not finding jobs that Americans won't do anymore.
Thanks for dropping by Cary!

Mike Mendez said...

When the world's largest hog processing plant, Smithfield Packing Co. in Bladen County, unionized - the workers went from being 90 percent Latino to 90 percent Black.

Larry said...

I guess the unions check up on their members?
Thanks for dropping by Mike!

Human Person Junior, Jr. said...

Y'know, it's really annoying when the facts jump out in the road, just in time to stop a leftist / statist / alarmist parade.

Very nice work, there, Larry. Thanks for the good read. I bookmarked ya.

Larry said...

You really think that's gonna stop them?
Thanks for dropping by HPJ!

The BoBo said...

So sad - this actually made me laugh. These liberal journalists are so freakin' predictable. Is any true blue American supposed to feel bad that the illegals are "losing their jobs" to actual American citizens?

Larry said...

Or that the reason they are self-deporting is because they are finally afraid to get caught? Or that driver's licenses are finally getting hard for them to get?
The fact that "jobs Americans won't do" are drying up is just icing on the cake.
Thanks for dropping by BoBo!