18 March 2011

Running The Coyote

Saturday I'm taking the Firefly to the dyno to see how many of it's advertised 412 horsies are making it to the pavement.

Given a standard 15% loss through the drivetrain I should be getting right around 350 or so.

I'll be sure to post the results.

UPDATE: 357.8 hp, 337.71 ft/lbs. I'm happy with it.

The fortune cookie tag was posted on the door, I thought it was appropriate.


Human Person Junior, Jr. said...

Hey, Mr. Man -- I've enjoyed your posts, particularly the one just below this one, regarding the incredibly annoying "panicky panic and doomy doomsaying" over the Japanese nuclear "disaster."

Hope the dynamometer gives you a happy number.

Larry said...

Yeah, I'm good with it ;)

Thanks for dropping by HPJ!