14 April 2011


I was supposed to be going to the unfortunately named air force base in Goldsboro with the local Mustang club so that we could display our cars at the air show on Saturday. The club is going down Sunday as well, but I have to work Sundays so that day is right out for me.

Unfortunately it looks like the weatherman can get the weather right from a week out. They have been calling for rain on Saturday all week long. I was hoping the forecast would change, but it looks like it will be raining as predicted so Saturday's display has been canceled.

I guess that means I don't have to get up on Saturday morning, so I can go to the late showing of the movie Friday night.


Teresa/ride4fun said...

Is there a mini moron meetup in NC for that? Enjoy the movie and I'll be interested to read the review. If the movie gets across the big themes of big lazy businesses angling for more government regulation to protect them from competition it will be a success. The left has been so successful with their false meme that regulation tames big business and helps the little guys.

I'm getting up early on saturday to take hunters safety. I wish I actually enjoyed gun activities but maybe a level of familiarity will help.

Larry said...

I said something about it on the ONT last night, but only one reply. I'll probably go to an early showing so that I can have Friday night with the family.
I read a review from someone who attended a pre-screening, and the review was favorable. I'll post something with my observations afterwards.
Thanks for dropping by Teresa, have fun in your safety course.

Anniee451 said...

Oh I do so want to see that movie - I was horribly disappointed to see that it's just "Part 1". But I'll go anyway. Gonna have to be next week, though; had to pay the mortgage this week and who knows what we're gonna eat lol. (Actually my son kindly picked up a few groceries for us, so that helps a lot.) But next Thursday, hopefully, for sure. No snacks, matinee; then it won't be too expensive.

Be SURE and let me know how awesome it is and how many more installments it looks like it's gonna take. Just no spoilers! (I've never read the book.) Also, let me know if they get to the Trial of Hank Rearden or not, please! Can't hardly wait.

Larry said...

It looks like there will be three parts, and it is an excellent adaptation. I will try to keep it spoiler-free, but I'm going to put a little something up about it.
Thanks for dropping by Annie!

Anniee451 said...

Hehe cool; actually it's silly to complain about spoilers concerning a 50 year old book - sorry, braincramp. Can't wait to see what you thought :D