11 April 2011

It Figures

Yesterday afternoon I looked at my weather channel bug and saw that it was supposed to be clear and dry until Tuesday afternoon.

I pulled the cover off of the Mustang and drove it in to work with the top down, expecting that I would be able to drive home the same way.

This morning is drizzly and wet, the kind of rain that can't even be bothered to form full drops but instead falls as sort of a mist.

These jackasses can't even get the weather right 12 hours in advance, but we are supposed to believe they can predict what the climate is going to be like in another hundred years?

Yes, I know. There is a difference between climatology and meteorology.

(Meteorology is based on actual science.)


Human Person Junior, Jr. said...

But, but, but, but...

I thought climate astrology was a whole lot more accurate than regular ol' astrology.

Larry said...

Nah, it's turtles all the way down.
Thanks for dropping by HPJ!

Mike Mendez said...

When it's hot, that's man-made global warming. When it's cold, that's climate change. What are you, some sort of bitter clinger?
(just a joke - don't shoot)

Larry said...

I get that mixed up, thanks for setting me straight.
Thanks for dropping by Mike!

Anniee451 said...

Heh, it's all been said. You know how the left and greenies are. Wackos.

I was hoping you had spoken to your friend, the one who knew a lot more about the nuclear situation in Japan? Has he updated you recently? Because my husband just told me the warning alert is allegedly up to "Chernobyl levels" whatever that means, and I've been saying it's a tempest in a teacup - can you find anything out on that? Thanks in advance :)

Larry said...

It's just been going from bad to worse over there, they haven't been able to get the fires put out and the nuclear fuel is burning. This is what is causing the radioactive pollution, and the Japanese government has declared a level seven warning, which is indeed at Chernobyl levels.
As far as I know it's not as bad as Chernobyl as far as the amount released and the danger zone, but it's not good.
The Japanese over-engineer everything and have plans upon plans upon plans, but eventually there comes a point where there are no more plans and you just have to attack the situation one thing at a time, and that is what they are down to.
Thanks for dropping by Annie!