08 April 2011


I reciprocate links, so if you have a link to me and I don't have one to you let me know in comments so that I can add you.

Welcome, in no particular order, to Matt from Troublesome Times, Good Times; Jordan from Generation Patriot; and AmyLynn from PBJdreamer. Welcome to the Refuge blogroll, glad to have you aboard!

My blogroll is getting big enough that it takes a lot of time just to peruse links. I think I need some more hours in my day.

UPDATE: Welcome to the blogworld Quizikle! And for your sins, you are now added to the Refuge blogroll. May God have mercy upon your soul.


Laura said...

I want to become a professional blog reader but I heard the health coverage sucks.

Matt said...

Thanks, Larry.

cary said...

Just checked - we're still linked.

And I am still honored to call you a friend.

Larry said...

As am I, Cary. Thanks for dropping by!

Larry said...

Welcome aboard Matt!

Larry said...

Laura, if you ever do hit the big time as a professional blog reader I am available as an assistant, for a nominal fee of course.
Thanks for dropping by!

Brigid said...

Thanks for the new links. I understand the time. I'm lucky to read my favorite blogs once a week, and commenting even as often is difficult. But those few hours I get to do it are sheer enjoyment.

Larry said...

I am pleased to see you drop by Brigid, you are always welcome.

Quizikle said...

As you'll see, I blamed you and a few others...and I should fault a few more as well.

But I'm up at

Still building so site structure may change. The guilty will have links on the BlogRoll


Larry said...

LINKED! That will show you. ;)