07 May 2011

That's New

I have grapes.

I don't know what kind of grapes they are, I just know that the vine has been back in the woods behind the house for quite some time now. A web search reveals that Muscadine grapes are native to North Carolina, but they are only supposed to do well in sunlight and these are in the shade.

This morning I pulled the vine out of the thick leaf covering and today I'm planning a trip to the local home improvement box store to get something that can be used as a trellis. I don't know what will come of it, if anything, but I figured I would put the vine up on a trellis and see if it will produce.

I'm expecting them to be the wild variety of Muscadine grape which stays green throughout it's growing cycle, but we will see.


PBJdreamer said...

That is great!

Can't wait to see what happens...I don't do well with growing things (except kids) so I am in awe of people that do.

that is all

Larry said...

These were easy, they are growing wild. That's the best kind!
I have been looking around and I have two or three other grapevines, all in the trees. Only this one has little grapes on them, we will see how they do.
Thanks for dropping by PBJ!