05 May 2012

Cars n Coffee

Cars N Coffee at Brier Creek Commons in Raleigh started out as a Porsche meeting every Saturday. Somehow other car enthusiasts found out about it and decided that they should join in the fun on the first Saturday of every month. No one is quite sure when it started, but now it has become self-aware and, in the words of one Porsche club member, "I'm not sure if we could shut it down if we wanted to."

They get everything from old American beaters

to high-dollar foreign exotics

and everything in between



including a Porsche or two.

They even get a few motorcycles in.

It's always a fun time and always something different to see.


Quizikle said...

But I like the possibilities of that "American beater" (looks like a mid-60s Chevelle?)

I seem to have lost my eye for car recognition...

Larry said...

I'd say the eye is just fine. 66 Chevelle SS, 396 big block. There were lots of nice cars there, plenty of American classics as well as some nice examples of all the new pony cars. Also, the high dollar exotics (Lotus, Ferrari, Porsche, etc) were well represented. It's always a pretty good showing.

Thanks for dropping by Q!