09 May 2012

On The Agenda

Today it's raining and is expected to do so all day and night. We could use the rain, but tomorrow is supposed to be nice and sunny again. I have an appointment to take the 'stang in for a good cleaning, the last time it was washed we did it right here, with our well water, and didn't get it dried off so now it has water spots.

This morning as I was walking the dog I saw a single rose on the bush in Laura's grove. It's the first rose ever from that particular plant and there is only the one, not even any buds anywhere else. Plenty of leaves so I knew the plant was healthy, but it's good to finally see a rose - even if it's just the one.

On Friday I will load the boys up in the Scooby, attach the trailer, and then we're off to Florida to help Pop clean out his garage. We'll get some beach time as well, I will drive the AWD Subaru out on the beach where I won't the Mustang.

I had to take some vacation or lose it. I so rarely take time off that I won't know what to do with myself, but I'm sure something will come up.


Erin Palette said...

What part of Florida?

Larry said...

Pop is in Lake City, but we will probably be staying with Eldest Daughter in J-ville.
Thanks for dropping by Erin! I'm just now getting that song out of my head...