08 July 2012

Saturday Car Day

Saturday was a day filled with sun and adventure.

To start off with, I went to Cars N' Coffee at their new Raleigh location at Waverly Place. The old place (that doesn't deserve a mention) turfed us last month, they hired security guards to turn everyone away. It's kind of funny considering that when I talked to one of the Porsche guys (they organized the event) he said he didn't think they (the Porsche guys) could stop it if they wanted to. He was wrong.

At any rate, the new location worked out wonderfully except that it was too small. I don't know what can be done about that, but it was a great location and it is an opportunity for the shop owners there that I hope they do not squander as the old place did. (Think about it, first Saturday of each month you know hundreds of people are going to be milling about right outside the front door of your place of business...what do you do?)

We completely filled the lower lot and had a couple of rows in the upper lot occupied as well.

Recognize that red car right in the center of the photo above? And just to the left of it...a beautiful matched set of Benz convertibles.

There was even a farmer's market.

It's a nice spot, complete with fountains.

Afterwards we grabbed a bite (at one of the Waverly Place shops, of course) and headed out to Lenoir NC for their monthly Cruise In. Last time there were only three of us, this time there were quite a few more (we had 7 cars from Raleigh and 14 total when we joined up with the rest of our party). Between us and the cars already there we filled up Mustang Alley (don't ask me how the Camaro got there, I don't know).

This show was a little smaller than last month, but still lots of interesting vehicles, including this one.

One of my favorite books growing up was The Red Car, starring a TC-MG. This one is black, but there it was in all of it's British glory. Something that I learned that I did not know was that the grille insert is supposed to be the same color as the interior. This car alone made the cruise-in worth the 3 hour drive.

But of course, there was more.

How about another unrestored original 68 Shelby GT-500?

or an original VW pickup?

My mother would love the Coca Cola car.

Speaking of pickups, when is the last time you saw one of these beauties?

I learned to drive a 3 on the tree in a car like this one, but it was a 4 door Bel Air not an Impala SS.

Chevy's W motors have distinctive valve covers, this guy has a matching air cleaner for his 58 Impala.

The drive back was in the mid to upper 80s, with the sun and top both down it was a pleasant end to an enjoyable day.

NOTE: The pictures are fuzzy, but they clear up when embiggened.


Brigid said...

I think I'd even sell Vera for that Shelby.

Larry said...

There was a blue one there last time, both original unrestored. I got the story on this one, it was a barn find. Yep, they're still out there.
Thanks for dropping by Brigid!