25 July 2012

Scum Sucking Bottom Feeding Parasites

Since this happened the bulk of my snail-mail has been from ambulance chasing lawyers.

And chiropractors, since apparently they use the same tactics of feeding off of misery to drum up business.

A pox on the lot of them.


Knitebane said...

If you think that's bad, try getting a speeding ticket.

The lawyers swarm like locusts.

RabidAlien said...

So open up both sets of snailmail...stuff the return envelope for the lawyers with chiropractor ads, and the return envelopes for chiropractors with lawyer ads. If they were too cheap to get prepaid return envelopes, well, its still worth the stamps, in my opinion.

Or, you can send each one a square of toilet paper. With a small note saying "next time it'll be used."

Larry said...

Knitebane...BTDT. The scum-sucking bottom feeder fee was cheaper in the long run than the fines + increase in insurance rates so I paid it.

RA - I like the way you think...

Thanks for dropping by!