14 July 2012

Tech Day

One of our club members is resto-rodding a 72 Mustang coupe. This car had been sitting in the back field for about 25 years after the owner had hit a pole with it and messed the radiator support up. He put it aside to "fix it later" when the weather cleared (it was winter at the time).  The weather finally cleared last August.

The last time we worked on this car we stripped the motor and transmission out of it, stripped the interior, cut out the old front suspension and put Mustang II front suspension on it, removed the leaf spring rear end and hung a coilover rear end in it's place, put the wheels on it and sent it to the paint shop.

Since it's been gone the old 302 motor has been looked at and discarded in favor of a 351C, a 5 speed transmission has been acquired from a 95 Mustang, and a set of Recaro seats has been purchased.

It's back in the owners shop sporting a fresh coat of Carolina Blue and a half roll cage. We finished up the front suspension, the rear suspension, bolted the brakes on and got the steering column installed and
hooked up. We also took a look at the way the seats mount and decided to modify it to use newer style seat brackets.

All in all it was a pretty productive day.


Da Curly Wolf said...

You didn't finish the build? Slacker...get back to the shop. ;P Carolina Blue? I'd have probably gone for black and and a dark blue but then that's team ford racing colors so *shrug*

Larry said...

Carolina fan, what do you do. And we will finish the build, no worries. ETA late fall, he wants to take it out for the Salvation Army holiday laps at VIR which happens sometime in November. Stay tuned!

Thanks for dropping by CW!