19 November 2012

Headline News

According to the local fishwrap car/deer collisions are on the rise. They attribute this to mating season, which every female of any species knows is the time where the male half turns into a giant genitalia. It just makes it all the more bitter that I sat five hours in a tree and saw nothing, only to come so close to filling out a deer tag with the Baja.

I have an idea. I think hunters should be able to line the roads with deer stands, pointing into the woods and with enough distance between them for good coverage. The stands would be outfitted with headlights and horns and hunting from these stands would be permitted at night.  Every once in a while, instead of spraying doe scent, the hunter would flash the lights and honk the horn. If the current state is any indication the deer will flock to these stands where they can be harvested.

No more wrecked cars, reduced carnage on our roadways, and full freezers. It's for the chiiiiildrennnn!


eiaftinfo said...

Excellent idea!! I have a good friend how has hit 10 - Yes, 10 - of the critters. Here with the start of the seasons they are moving much more, December is always a bitch, like a game of "dodge deer".

Hang in there, a nice buck is bound to amble by before season's end!

Larry said...

Corn fed Iowa deer are bigger than NC deer, my brother calls the deer here "big dogs". Either way they are hell on cars.

Thanks for dropping by!