21 November 2012

Travel, Interrupted

We were supposed to be taking Brother In Law to Florida this weekend to get a welder he had purchased. The plan was to have Thanksgiving dinner with Eldest Daughter and then take Pop out to lunch on Friday. Alas, the welder guy isn't going to be home this weekend and so we aren't making the trip after all.

Eldest daughter and Pop are disappointed because I won't be there, Middle Daughter is happy because I'll be home, and I've missed yet another opportunity to take the Baja to Florida.

How sad is this, the Baja has been to sunny Florida more times than the Mustang convertible. Something is wrong with that statistic.


Brigid said...

I hope it all sorts itself out.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

Larry said...

It will, eventually. If Eldest doesn't come up here for Christmas we will go there, that might be better for Pop.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well, and thanks for dropping by!