10 November 2012

Let The Games Begin

Layoff notices have started showing up in the mail.

We will no doubt very soon start to hear the squealing from the little piglets lined up at the trough when they find it is empty, and getting emptier.

The sad thing is these Obama voters who thought they were getting revenge on the evil capitalists will not be able to associate the layoffs with the election results, and when the economy hits the skids in a big enough way that the media finally has to pay attention no one will remember the stoopid riech-wingers who predicted it...just like no one remembers the prediction of Freddie and Fannie collapsing.

I might be living in my car by the time it's all done. I won't be able to license it because I won't be able to afford the car tax, but at least the car itself is paid for.

Maybe I should buy an old school bus...just in case...


RabidAlien said...

The problem with the mindset of those expecting the trough to always be magically full, is that they will never associate any emptiness of the trough with their personal and direct actions. Its always somebody else's fault. They've got to have a scapegoat for their failures and inadequacies, and heaven forbid they take a look inside, first. Its a mentality that is self-destructive, and is passed on from generation to generation. And I don't know of any cure other than Character and Ethics.

Larry said...

That's a fact RA, can't be my fault so it HAS to be someone elses, must be the fault of the government (that I helped to elect...so it can't be their fault either...)

I'm watching the melt-down in Greece and thinking it is looking all too eerily familiar. They refuse to acknowledge that their own actions brought them to this point.

They made their bed, I'd say let them lie in it...but the problem is, I'm in the same hotel and the rats go everywhere.

Thanks for dropping by RA.