26 July 2013

EBS Project: The Finale

I finally got the last pieces I needed for the EBS project.

I needed a sling, and since the buttstock cheek adapter with shell holder was such a bust on all points I decided the best thing would be a sling with shell loops. Imagine my surprise when I discovered, at the local mart of walls, a Blackhawk sling that has 15 loops for an assortment of shotgun shells.

I put a forward sling swivel on the tac rail and bought a set of sling swivels, using only one, for the stock so that the sling would have a place to attach. The sling has been installed and the initial impression is that it should fill the bill quite nicely.

I also put another spacer on the stock, and now I can get a cheek weld immediately without having to adjust my position on it, so it seems that was exactly what I needed to fix that issue. I'm thinking the next pattern session, whenever that ends up being, will go swimmingly.

And with these components, the Evil Black Shotgun project is now complete...for now...


RabidAlien said...

Nice! My wife is now curious about shotguns, after having a dream in which she owned one. Still need to pick up a couple of EBR's, and she's already moved on to EBS's! LOL

Larry said...

You can't have too many guns or too much money.

Thanks for dropping by RA!

Larry said...

(should have said "too much ammo" instead...)

Bigus Macus said...

Looks good, I just planning out my 870 express conversion to an evil black gun.

Larry said...

Outstanding! You can never have too many Evil Black Guns.

Thanks for dropping by Tim!