10 July 2013

Now What

It looks like the main computer is on the fritz now.

It started when Grandbaby-Boy pulled the monitor cord out of the back. My fault for not screwing it down, I guess, but I could have sworn I did that when I put it in. Anyhoo, when I put that monitor on the 'puter it needed a new video card to drive it. I plugged it into the old port when I tried to reconnect it, and when it didn't work I rebooted the computer.

Bad mistake.

By the time I had figured out that I needed to plug the monitor into the new video card output the computer was stuck in a loop, it would start to boot up and then kick back out into the start screen (the one where you have the option to get into the BIOS), then it would start to boot up and kick back into the start screen, over and over and over again.

So I tried a repair on the XP installation. That didn't work. So then I tried a reinstall without a format. That didn't work either, and now I get a blue screen of text telling me about a critical error involving a new hardware installation, which there isn't one.

Last chance, I'm going to try an install with format. Since everything is backed up to the external hard drive (where most everything is stored anyway) I shouldn't lose anything but time.

If this doesn't work it looks like I'll be computer shopping.


Erin Palette said...

Good luck!

RabidAlien said...

Unplug your desktop, open the case, and check to make sure your video card is seated all the way (physically pull it all the way out, then reinstall it).

Another method:

Try tapping F8 when the computer reboots. This will bring up a startup option menu, with things like SafeMode, Last Known Good Configuration (try this one), and VGA Mode (doesn't load your video drivers, just basic 640x480 8-bit video). There's also an option to not restart on error, I would select that one, to see if its blue-screening (BSOD's can be fixed, usually), then try Last Known Good Configuration, and if that doesn't work, then go into VGA Mode. If its a video driver issue, once you get into either Safe Mode (with networking) or VGA Mode, you can always get online and download the latest drivers for your video card.

Is She Dangerous said...

Did you go into your bios?

Larry said...

Oh no, I'm not nearly computer savvy enough for that. If the wipe and reload doesn't work I'll go get another one, this one has been soldiering on for the past 7 years so it doesn't owe me anything.

Nice to see you, thanks for dropping by!

Larry said...

RA, I've already tried the "last known good configuration" and got the same results. I'll try the video card, thanks for the suggestion.

Erin, thanks.

I really should approve all of my comments before starting to write replies, that way they will be in order. Maybe one day I'll remember to do that. :D

Thanks for dropping by!

RabidAlien said...

No problem! If you lived closer to the DFW area, I'd meet up with you and have it spiffed up in no time. My current PC is about 5 or 6 years old, and the one I work with at work is approaching 10 years old (cheap boss doesn't supply our computers, unless you want to use the "loaner" laptop that is so old the Apollo astronauts would have refused to use it, so I brought this one from home).

Worst case scenario, completely pull out your old video card and run from the on-board card. Video cards can go bad over time...I've replaced mine two or three times now in the past 10(ish) years, as well as a network card and a power supply. But it keeps chugging along!