08 July 2013


I'm starting to wonder if we are ever again going to see a day without rain. It has rained at least a little, and usually lots more than that, every day for the past couple of weeks and the weatherguessers say it will continue to be this way at least for the next week.

I'm thinking instead of an RV I might want to get a houseboat...and then again, if it keeps up like this I might have a houseboat whether I wanted one or not. The EPA will likely be around in a bit to tell me I can no longer mow my lawn because it's become a wetland. I have a feeling that Boy wouldn't complain.

Yes, I know, there are some of you out there that would kill for rain. Believe me, I'd like to send it to you.


RabidAlien said...

What we need now is one gigantic, weather-system-sized "if it fits it ships" prepaid box from the USPS. Texas could DEFINITELY use some liquid refreshment!

Knitebane said...

The old guy that lives down the street from me has a pile of lumber under a tarp and appears to be constructing some kind of large boat in his front yard.

Yeah, he's an odd guy (I mean, who names a kid Hamm?) but I'm starting to wonder if he knows something I don't.

Larry said...

RA, why don't you drop by Crawford and see if GWB still has the keys to that weather machine. :D

Knitebane, I think I've heard of him, he's the weird guy with all the animals in his yard, right?

Thanks for dropping by!

RabidAlien said...

Well, according to one episode, that weather machine is proprietary property of Global Dynamics, and is currently being tested just outside the city limits of Eureka, Oregon.

Dang, I love that show. LOL