23 August 2013

EBS Revisited (UPDATED: Now with pictures!)

When last we visited the EBS Project, I said that I was done (with the caveat "for now").

As usual, when dealing with projects (be they guns or cars or houses or whatnot) they are never "done" in the purest sense.

So with that in mind I found one of these while wandering around the local Mart of Walls.

I have not been completely satisfied with the need to add drop spacers to bring the stock down so I could use the sights. I had to put two of them on and when all was said and done the angle was so off that I might as well have just left the pistol grip stock that I started with on instead, but that kind of defeats the whole "EBS" purpose (namely, to give Nanny Nancy fits). Not to mention there was no way I could use the tacticool Mall Ninja Team 5 (I'm not good enough for Team 6 but I'm working on it) Stock Accessory Kit.

So of course I am now the proud owner of said rail, and it went on in minutes following the provided instructions. And now since there is a rail, and since I already had one of these (different brand name but same sight) from the Mosin (when I got it there was a rail installed in place of the rear sights and this contraption was on top of it, the first thing I did was put the iron sights back on it), of course it has a new home atop the Maverick. And since the sights sit up higher I was able to take the drop spacers out and put the cheek piece back on.

And now all of that is done, it will have to be patterned again. Oh darn, I need to go to the range, woe is me.

There are worse problems to have I guess.

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RabidAlien said...

That's definitely a good problem to have!