30 August 2013

Another Mouth To Feed

I've wanted a 9mm for a while now for a couple of reasons, primarily it's cheaper to feed. The bonus at work paid out and it was sufficient to remove an item from the Guns I Want list.

The 19 is the same basic size as the 36 with the magazine and Pearce +1 extension installed (note, these pictures were taken with an empty magazine in the pistol). Because of that I can use the same collection of holsters for both.

The grip on the 19 (on the right) is a smidge wider than the 36 but not so much so that it isn't a pretty good approximation. It should be a good practice pistol, and Daughter can use it to take her CC class.

And as a side note, anyone who says that "XXX is harder to buy than a gun" hasn't bought a gun lately (probably ever).


RabidAlien said...

I've got a Springfield XD 9mm that's my daily carry. Its a good round!

Larry said...

It's not God's Own Caliber, but it should do. :D

Nothing wrong with a 9mm loaded with hollowpoints. The Europellet got a bad rap because the military has to use FMJ's, and with its high speed and low cross-section they tend to pass through rather than mushroom out like the .45 unless they hit something solid.

I'll likely use this one to practice with so I can exorcise the bad habits I have with the .45 (can you say FLINCH!? I thought you could...)

Besides, cheaper + easier to shoot + more rounds available, so there is that as well.

Robert Fowler said...

My son had a Model 19, he really liked it. He's going back in the Corps and ended up selling it. I'm going to try and get him anew one, maybe for Christmas.

If you need ammo, I ship to all points. ;)

Larry said...

That reminds me, I have to get a 9mm die set for the reloading bench now.