15 February 2015

Starting Out

I was supposed to be spending last night out on the town with a Meetup singles group that I am in but unfortunately (or maybe fortuitously, the jury is still out on that one) we got snowed out. The event was planned later in the evening than usual, and at a place where I normally wouldn't have gone...but there's this girl, and she was going, so what the hell I was going, too.

I talked to her briefly (where we ascertained that yes, good idea or bad we were both still in) and then got into the shower, and when I got out of the shower Boy was standing at the patio door looking at the snow coming down. It had started around 9 and by the time I was getting in the car to go at 9:30 it was snowing as if I was still in Iowa, the only difference being that nothing was sticking.

I called in to check with the event coordinator (Bluetooth, living in this modern world is pretty amazing) and offer the services of the sure-footed Baja if anyone needed transportation. He was having doubts as to whether it would be a good idea to press on, and sure enough before I had made it ten miles he was calling back to cancel. So back to the house I went, where I noticed I had a text, which prompted another phone call.

I find myself thinking the sort of thoughts which I have not thought in a while. I'm still not quite sure yet how it's going to work out; she's a schoolteacher, that lot tends to run liberal and I'm at least on the conservative side of libertarian (EDIT: no longer a concern). She's from Pennsylvania, or so I surmise by the fact that her parents are there (EDIT: status verified), although she's trying to get them to move closer (good luck with that). My favorite railroad is in Pennsylvania, and when I mentioned that she said she's never been to Steamtown but thinks she'd like to go see it at least once, so that's a point in her favor.

She had a chance to go out with the group to see 50 Shades of Ghey (the only evidence needed to know there is something seriously amiss in Hollywierd; poorly written Twilight fanfic gets a movie and Larry Correia does not???) the other night when I was in skating rink hell and passed up the opportunity, which is another point in her favor. She mentioned the fact that she used to like to skate, so I might see if she wants to go with us next time. Hell, I might even get my uncoordinated ass out on the floor if that happens. 

She's also a Browncoat, or at least a sympathizer, which is yet another point in her favor and might negate the assumption that she was an Obama voter (EDIT: incorrect assumption) (we haven't discussed religion or politics yet) (EDIT: we have discussed it briefly). She also said she liked the show Top Shot (another point in the plus column), and although I haven't yet mentioned the fact that I'm a CCW permit holder this at least suggests she would tolerate it (EDIT: she has, in fact, opened up the possibility of getting her own).

(Time out to offer my condolences to Range Partner. Sorry it didn't work out.)

She may not be Ms America (but no Mr Universe am I; she is far from unattractive by any means, I hasten to add, even if she's not a redhead), but she has this smile that lights up the world, and when a fellow sees it he finds himself doing things that make her do it so he can see it again. The right sort of chap would spend the rest of his life making her smile, and at the end of it find that he had not wasted a single moment.

Time will tell, I suppose, if I am that sort of chap.

UPDATE: I gave her the link to the blog and have been informed that up until last year she was a redhead. Capt Obvious says "woot" and since she knew enough to mention it that means she read this entry at least and didn't go running off into the distance. That's good, right?


MSgt B said...

Oh. My. God.

Dude. You are swooooning in public.
It's embarrassing.

Some dating advice, good for any time of year, not just Valentine's Day.


Larry said...

Sorry man, I'll try to keep a lid on it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your condolences. I'll be fine.

How dare you make me find out here? And I thought we were friends. :P

I'm glad I sent you on your way rather than continuing the moving adventure.

Best of luck. I'm truly happy for you, and if it's meant to be, I hope it works out as perfectly as any relationship between imperfect humans can. And screw what MSgt B said. Swoon away. It's adorable.

Larry said...

The last time I saw you it was still in the realm of "is it is or is it ain't" so I was hesitant to say anything.

Who knows, it may all come to pieces tomorrow, but today is looking pretty good. ;)

Thanks for dropping by!

Larry said...

adorable is for kittens and puppies. And her. She's adorable. Me, I'm just a little spud. ;)

Erin Palette said...

Re: Update : Yes, it's good. It's very, very good.

Just make life easier for yourself and lay off the "even if she's not a redhead" comments, ok?

Besides, if she really likes you and you become an item, she might switch back for you. ;)

Larry said...

It hasn't come up lately.

And of course it doesn't matter.

It never really did.

I think "item" status is pretty much assured at this point...as long as I can keep her fooled into believing it's a good idea. :D

And now I repeat the standard prayer: "Lord, don't let me screw this up, amen"