20 January 2009

Damn That Global Warming!

This is what greeted me this morning:

Just in time for the inauguration!

Karl Rove, you magnificent bastard!

Did I mention that the Refuge is located just 20 miles north of Raleigh?

In North Carolina?

(Al Gore was not available for comment)


cmblake6 said...

Darth old boy! You are right near my family home. Sister lives in Cary! me at gmail dot com. Mind you, I'm out here in NM now.
Damn, that's some snow.

Larry said...

It's certainly a good bit for this area, more than we are used to around here that's for sure!
Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha.
Neener neener. We have 48...that's right, forty-eight(almost 50)degrees, so I guess the One IS truly the messiah.

We're SAVED!!!!

Larry said...

That's not as bad as it could be (although it is bad enough, I'm surprised my mother hasn't called to gloat yet, she's only 70 miles or so to the east of you). Once upon a time when I was still stationed in Jacksonville FL it was actually warmer in Rapid City South Dakota for a day or so.
Thanks for dropping by Skye!

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it Larry. I live about 20 miles NE of Raleigh, and I had to shovel the "global warming" off my driveway whilst it was still falling. Aargh.

Larry said...

Well you are definitely in my neighborhood RC. Actually I'm ten miles north of Wake Forest, not Raleigh.
Thanks for dropping by!