22 January 2009

Day 2

President Obama started out well, signing executive orders to prohibit his own ex-administration officials from accepting lobbying positions for two years after leaving the administration and freezing the salaries of his own top aides.

"Families are tightening their belts, and so should Washington," said the new president.

The anti-lobbyist EO replaces one enacted by President Bill Clinton at the beginning of his term prohibiting his ex-administration officals from lobbying for five years, and canceled by him at the end of his term.

Other EO's that President Obama signed included one cancelling the order signed by President Bush, which allowed past Presidents to keep their papers secret under executive privelege.

I have also heard reports, although I can't find the links to prove it, that he is going to be looking at government agencies and programs with an eye towards removing those that don't perform or that have outlived their usefulness.

The last President to do that was Ronald Reagan.

We can hope, at least.


Unknown said...

I suggest he try forgoing his own salary in solidarity with the poor downtrodden Americans. And maybe skip the weekly trips to Whole Foods where bread costs 20 bucks a loaf.

Larry said...

That's a nice thought, but you could probably figure the odds of that to approach zero.
Maybe he could convince the Congress to actually vote on their pay raises rather than have them occur automatically, wouldn't that be nice? Of course, he didn't bring that issue up in the two years he was running for President...I mean, serving in the Senate...
Thanks for dropping by Jenn!