22 January 2009

Epic Fail To Follow Rule #1

Rule #1 being, all guns are loaded.

Look folks, it's a play. A live stage production. Just how convincing does the gun have to be?

Cap guns can be made to look enough like the real thing to be suitable for live stage productions, and when they go BANG! it's just a noise, nothing more.

Added to that, they are a lot cheaper than the real thing.

The gun owner, she who supplied a live weapon for use as a stage prop, should be thoroughly thumped about the head and shoulders and then have all of her firearms confiscated. If you don't know how to play with your toys, you don't get to have them.

The actor who fired the shot should likewise be beat about the head and shoulders. If you don't know what it does, leave it alone.

With that being said, it sure added a touch of realism - real gun, real bullet, real blood.

The good thing is that everybody got to go home and no one wound up in a box.


Anniee451 said...

I always wondered how in the hell Brandon Lee got killed the same way during the filming of The Crow. Why a real, loaded gun exactly? Except that time, a promising young actor died.

Larry said...

There was a TV show a while back that came to a sudden end when it's star placed a prop gun loaded with blanks against his head and pulled the trigger. Apparently he thought since it was a prop gun and loaded with blanks it would be OK, and a fine joke.
Unfortunately the prop guns have a plug instead of a bullet to hold the powder, and that plug entered his brainpan and made him DRT.
Bottom line, if you don't know what it does, leave it alone.
Unfortunately this sort of incident always seems to get accompanied by the usual suspects clamoring to limit even more of our precious freedom.
Thanks (as always) for dropping by Annie!