13 January 2011

Tell Me Again

Five snow events in North Carolina so far this winter, all in the past two months.

The last one was expecting two inches of snow, which fell short, and a tenth of an inch of ice, which arrived as advertised.

The good news is the Subaru is an adept traveler even in the ice, as long as its driver acts like he has a modicum of good sense.

The bad news is my tire cables won't fit on the Subaru. They are for fifteen inch wheels (which the Pontiac has) and the Scoobytruck has 16 inch wheels.

The ice is mostly gone now, but I suppose I should get a pair (or two pairs, since it's AWD) of cables for the Scooby. I have a feeling I'm going to need them.


Brigid said...

I'm still waiting for Al Gore to come over the shovel the 10 inches I have in my driveway.

Larry said...

As cold as it's been here, I'm thinking he's visiting Rotten Johnny Edwards.
Good to see you out and about Brigid, virtually if not actually.