26 January 2011

What's The Difference

Between this and the oft-cited back alley?


Anniee451 said...

The difference is, um...well you see the difference...they pay a lot of money...oh, yeah...referred to the house of horrors by other doctors...that's different...oh, wait...I can think of one thing that's rather different. "Back alley" referred mostly to the fact that women referred to these (usually) doctors had to use the back entrance so that it could be kept quiet. And they weren't inducing labor in near-term women then slicing the babies' spines apart; they performed early-term *abortions* instead, and for the most part more safely than it has been since then. (The deaths from abortion jumped the year after Roe v. Wade, and it wasn't because no one knew about them before.) Probably because those doctors had to be more careful.

The one thing that's for sure the same? It's still all our fault. Because we're not paying for easily accessible, safe, "affordable" (i.e. taxpayer-funded) abortions for everyone who wants one, early or late. And we didn't then either. So yeah, our fault; still the same there. Also it's Sarah Palin's fault. No word on whether the hate rhetoric of the pro-choice left is responsible in any way for Kermit Gosslin's horror show. Except no, it isn't. It's totally the right's fault because we left these ladies with "no better alternative." I would have thought you know, a rubber (or an early abortion at the least) might be a better alternative, but that's just silly me.

So, no difference except the back alley was generally safer. For the women; it's never been safe for the baby.

I used to read the Hippocratic oath on my family doctor's wall when I was a kid...oddly enough that antiquity actually contained a clause about vowing not to provide a woman with a substance that would cause her to abort/miscarry a baby she was carrying. But yanno, that doesn't mean anything. White dudes wrote it. Or something.

Larry said...

I blame Bush. Or should that be BOOOOOSHH!!!
Thanks for dropping by Annie!

Mike Mendez said...

Monogamy or abstinence works every time. Humans are not animals controled by their lusts and passions; except those progressives who believe we are (and act accordingly).

Larry said...

We have been conditioned by many years of hardship to be responsible, and it only takes a few generations of ease to forget those lessons.
Thanks for dropping by Mike!