03 January 2011

Thought Of The Day: Blaming The Victims

If you are suffering from the predictable outcome of your own stupidity (lack of planning is stupidity) you are not a victim, you are an imbecile. The only thing we do when we canonize victims is encourage the creation of more of them. We are now at the point where victims are placed on a high pedestal and regarded as authority figures based only on their own incompetence.

Blatant idiocy should always be a disqualifier for victimhood status. If you get on a plane to escape a natural disaster according to your disaster preparedness plan and the plane crashes, you are a victim. If you are in a bad situation and choose to stay, for whatever reason, rather than change your situation, you are an idiot.

These people are idiots.

HT: The Other McCain


Anonymous said...

I don't get how they were "canonize victims"?

Larry said...

We used to laugh at people for being stupid, now whenever someone suffers for it we make a big deal out of feeling sorry for them, and if anyone dares point out that they were being stupid they get scolded for "blaming the victims!"
Sometimes the "victims" need a kick in the ass, but instead we reward them with attention. When you reward certain behavior, you get more of it.

Anonymous said...

I still don't see how this applies to the Hefner mansion story. The woman is recounting her unsatisfactory experience with Bunny life but she doesn't seem to claim victimhood, just

Larry said...

Give it time.