05 January 2011

To Boldly Go

Having now seen the video, here are my thoughts:

1) meh.

2) I'm glad that the people I cruised with on Forrestal in 1988 are safely retired by now.

3) Having been through the whole Tailhook brouhaha a senior Naval Aviator should have known better.

4) Nothing - and I do mean NOTHING - that gets recorded is safe. Keep that in mind boys and (especially) girls.


Mike Mendez said...

The statute of limitations for violations of the UCMJ is 3 years. This happened before that, and should no longer be an issue.
But in the best (?) of political theater, let's charge the Captain with something else, and end his career. But hey, we appeased the current administration.
-insert retching sounds here-

Larry said...

As you well know, it's only an issue because it got out into the public eye. "What goes on cruise" apparently no longer applies.
I've seen worse, but it was usually the JO's doing it. A smart XO might have tagged one of the JO's for this job...Morale Officer, perhaps?
Thanks for dropping by Mike!

Guy S said...

We both know there were things done while on det (or at sea "haze gray and underway") which would make this bit of "stupidity" pale in comparison. However (and "statutes of limitations", political grandstanding, and all the other silliness aside), if you are a senior officer onboard any given ship, or of any given command, you should know better. Especially given the politically correct climate one is part of in todays services. Heck, there are no "real" CPO initiations any more, or Shellback, or Bluenose, you get my drift.

Bottom line, for good or ill, he should have known better.

Larry said...

I remember the bluenose well, you certainly couldn't do that on a mixed ship...not that any normal people would have any sort of those kind of thoughts afterward...I never knew that 300 feet could be such a long cold run.
Bottom line, yeah, he should have known better.
Thanks for dropping by Guy!