15 July 2011


I have an opportunity to attend a local blogmeet and pistol shooting class, and of course I am taking full advantage of it.

In preparation for the October class I have a couple of months to collect another 200 rounds of .45ACP ammo and three more Glock 36 magazines.

I'll probably go ahead and get the Pearce +1 extensions for the magazines to give me a bit more capacity.

I have the option of renting a Glock 17 from the range, with ammo, for an additional charge that is cheaper than buying my own ammo. I might go that route instead.

At any rate I'm looking forward to going.

If you are a blogger and you are interested in attending, contact this guy for details.


James said...

If it's a Glock 17 you're looking to use at the class, you can borrow mine. WallyWorld sells 100-round WWB ammo in 9mm for $23-ish last time I checked. It uses the same holster as your 36 in most cases, and if your holster is one of the exceptions, I think I have a Blackhawk SERPA for it. Just say the word. I don't carry it, I just wanted a 9mm for TEOTWAWKI ammo availability purposes.

Larry said...

That would be awesome James, how many magazines do you have with it? They want us to have 5 mags, so if you only have 2 or 3 I'll spring for the other 2 or 3, whatever it takes. Consider it rent.

James said...

I only have the two that came with it. Considering the cost of Glock mags, you'd be better off renting from them. The cost of the mags would more than offset any savings in the cost of ammo.

I do have that G21 (45ACP, though) that is supposedly sold to the same dude who bought the bike, and there are 8 mags with that one. It takes the same holster as my 10, so I have you covered there. Since he isn't scheduled to finish paying for it til next year (assuming he ever does), you can borrow that one for the class if you'd like. It won't save you in ammo cost, but you won't have to buy the extra mags for your 36 immediately, and a full-size would probably be more comfortable to shoot that many rounds through. Let me know.

Larry said...

Now THAT sounds like a plan since I already have 300 rounds of the 500 required for the class.
I'll have to arrange a range day with you so that I can try it out (and put a few rounds through my 36, it's been a while).

James said...

E-mail or FB message me when you want to meet up. They don't have a rule against Blackhawk SERPA holsters, do they? A few places do, and that is the holster I have. I might have an old leather holster that I used before I bought my BH. I'll look when I have time. Sorry to hijack your blog comment section.

Larry said...

I'll do that, thanks James!