24 July 2011

Lucas Elliot, Soldier

A Youngsville NC man will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery after the vehicle he was driving was hit by an IED in Iraq on June 15th. He was not quite 22 years old. A five year veteran, Specialist Daniel Lucas Elliott was on his second tour in Iraq.

An Army Reserve MP with the 290th Military Police Brigade, 200th Military Police Command based in Cary NC, Elliott was influenced by the events of 9-11. Although he was only 12 years old at the time, he told his family that he was going to be a Soldier as they watched the events unfold on that dreadful day.

Friends and family attended a memorial service to celebrate his life yesterday. Chapter NC-7 of Rolling Thunder attended the event to hold the flag line and his muddied 4WD truck sat outside the church as a reminder of his love for the outdoors.

I did not know SPC Elliott, but I knew one of the three injured men that was in the truck with him the day he died. He was a dedicated Soldier, taken from his young wife and his family far too soon.

Rest in peace Lucas.

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