10 July 2011


Yesterday Youngest Son and I got up at 5:30 AM (after being out until after midnight watching the Bulls game, see post below) and headed out the door at 6:00 AM. Our destination; the Diamondback in the North Carolina mountains.

This event was attended by members of the Carolina chapter of the Mustang Forums. Youngest Son and I left Franklinton under cloudy and threatening skies, so the top stayed up until we got to Hickory.

In Hickory we met up with the occupants of four other Mustangs, introduced ourselves and lined up for the drive to Love's Travel Stop in Marion NC. Two more cars joined us there, giving us a group of fourteen people and seven cars.

We left Love's at about 11:00 and proceeded up the mountain. We went up NC Route 126 to 126A to Little Switzerland where we made a stop for pictures and souvenirs. We got on the Blue Ridge Parkway from there, stopping once at Deerlick Gap Overlook for more pictures.

We left Deerlick Gap heading south on the Blue Ridge once more until we got to NC Route 80, which we took back into Marion. After a lunch stop at Moondoggy's we cruised down US 70 to Lake James State Park where we enlisted the aid of a willing photographer to take a group photo.

After the group photo we all went our separate ways (for some of us those ways were parallel for a bit more of the trip). Boy went to the skating rink and I went home for some much needed rest.

There is talk of scheduling a trip to the Tail of the Dragon sometime later on, perhaps this fall.

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