14 July 2011

Road Wars

El Capitan tells a tale, brought on by more tale swapping otherwhere on the Intertubies, of idiots behind the wheel and the comeuppance that rarely follows, but when it does it is oh-so-sweet.

The only one I have to share is the race that I "lost" when I got the Mustang. I had already been awarded my first speeding ticket in about 18 years and wasn't really fishing for another, so when the brand-new Camaro SS lined up in the next lane wanting a go at me I wasn't very interested.

Especially since I knew Johnny Law was waiting in the shrubbery just a half block down.

Well this kid, he insisted, so I turned the traction control off and gave him a chirp of the tires to let him know he had something coming to him! When the light turned green he hit the throttle like the hammer of an angry god.

I turned the traction control back on and sedately went on my way. A half block later I waved at him as I drove by.

This was just before dyno day, and lo and behold the Camaro was there. He pulled a bit over 700 horses at the rear wheel, so he would have ate my lunch.

Funny thing is, he didn't really want to talk about it.


Mike Mendez said...

Age and treachery will overcome youth and skill every time.

Way to show that young punk up :-)

Larry said...

Thanks for dropping by Mike!

Quizikle said...

Sometimes the urge just hits. I want to feel the wheels go faster than I do in the seat. We know better, but still...

But usually - more often as we get older - we learn to suppress the desire to do bad to ourselves.

Smarter: but we've lost something ... probably for the best though.

Larry said...

Yes, it probably is for the best.
Thanks for dropping by Q!