14 October 2011

The Countdown Starts: TotD Edition

I'll be heading out tonight for Hickory NC, and in the morning I'll be going on to the Tail of the Dragon.

This will be an all day affair, and I'll have the camera along but I don't know how much chance I'll get to use it.  My photographer went and got himself into trouble this week so he will be staying home.

Maybe I'll be able to pick up a ride-along when I get there...

I will have the laptop along so I'll be making reports from the road.

After action report...after.


cmblake6 said...

Very cool! I really want to ride that road one of these days!

Larry said...

I think it would be absolutely phenomenal on a bike and I fully intend to take the Harley on it when she goes back together, whenever that ends up being.
Thanks for dropping by cm!