16 October 2011

Tail of the Dragon

Friday night I went to Hickory and stayed the night. Being the night shift creature that I am I didn't get much in the way of sleep, but what I did get was a great help the next day.

Saturday dawned bright and clear, and the group gathered for departure. We had seven cars all together, including one other 5.0 convertible. It was a bit chilly to put the top down right away...but I did anyway.

We headed out and met some more folks at
 Ashville, and from there we continued on to the Fontana Dam.  We met the rest of our group there, and when all was said and done we had twenty six Mustangs and two motorcycles.

We went through the patch of road known as Moonshiner 28 and hit the Dragon at Deals Gap.  We went on across the Dragon and stopped for some pictures, then made our way to the Cherohala Skyway.

We stopped for supper in Robbinsville and then
 went on to Murphy to stay the night. By then I had a little more than 500 miles on the clock and had only managed a few hours sleep, so I was pretty much done for the day. The driver behind me on the way to Murphy said I was back and forth across the road quite a bit, I do know I heard the rumble strips more than once.

A bit of sleep set me to rights, and we gathered the next morning for the trip home. It was a great ride, and it was nice seeing old friends and making new ones.

FYI, the Hampton in Murphy NC does not have wifi in the rooms, only in the lobby. I have more pictures and as soon as I get them uploaded I'll put the link here. you can find them here.


Matt said...

Glad you had some fun. Be careful though. grab a RED BULL or something to keep you awake.

Larry said...

A little sleep was what I needed.
Thanks for dropping by Matt!