02 October 2011

That Which I Had Feared

She never told me how sick she was. I hid it from myself, and she hid it from me; I knew that time was precious but I did not know how little of it we had left.

To this day I do not know if it would have been better to know, or to not know.

Kent knows.

My prayers are with you Kent. May you have all the time you need, even though it will never be all you want.


Matt said...

You posted this on Sunday and it's still floating around in my thoughts..... I went to that man's link and read it and saw your comments as well.

I can't say anything that you haven't already thought of or experienced, Larry.

You did a good thing posting this. God Bless that family.

Larry said...

Thanks Matt. It's a deep valley to be sure, and having gone through so much makes it even tougher.