28 October 2011

Rule Number One

of gunfights is "have a gun."

Tam had a link to a story a couple of days back about a fellow caught in a bad situation.  Fortunately it all ended well, bad guy in jail, good guy bloodied but unbroken, innocents unharmed, and the baby Jesus smiles.

I left the comment that here in NC it is likely I would have been unarmed since I cannot have my hardware on me if I am partaking in the suds at all, but it was another comment by Ulises from CA that kind of caught my attention.

How many of you carry inside your own home?  I do if I'm dressed, but if I am in my jammies sitting at the computer (as happens often late at night on the nights I'm off work) the heat is in the next room over.

This afternoon I walked out of my bedroom and Youngest Daughter asked me if I was going anywhere. When I said no, she pointed out that I was wearing my double-mag holster.  I told her I had been wearing it all along, and Son In Law remarked "He's been dressed all day!"

Good boy.


Quizikle said...

I believe Heinlein made several references to "Lazarus Long" (and probably other characters) carrying at all times - even to the head.

Learned a lot from RAH...

Larry said...

I just haven't found a good way to carry in my jammies. However, if I should happen to come up with a way I could probably make a fortune off of it...
Thanks for dropping by Q!