18 August 2012

Exciting Life

Last night the dryer gave up the ghost. Not the whole thing, it just wasn't heating any more.

I mentioned it once before, how it has very likely been pressed beyond its design limits and still keeps chugging along. Fortunately the dryer element is still available, and I have no doubts that once it goes back together it will perform like it used to.

The element has been ordered...from Amazon, of all places, an outlet that once dealt in only books but has branched out dramatically*. It should be here Tuesday earliest, and then a good cleaning with the vacuum and it should be good for another seven years of hard use.

I still do not have a shiny red car in my driveway. This makes me sad.

And that's my exciting life.

*Amazon was acting as the middleman in these transactions, they were not actually selling them from their site. You still need an FFL to complete the sale. For now it looks like that vendor has pulled his site.

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