09 August 2012

Palate Cleanser

And now I have that out of my system...

The last of my shooty toys got here today. I tried to install them all but they wouldn't fit right, the adapter ring would not seat all the way into the slide. I assembled the Wolff guide rod and springs and everything seemed to go together, but when I put the slide back on the gun and tried to cycle a round in I couldn't get it to go. With the adapter the guide rod was too long and the slide wouldn't cycle all the way back.

I disgustedly removed everything and put the stock guide rod back in, but later on out of curiosity I assembled and installed the Wolff guide rod without the adapter and everything went swimmingly. I must have a Gen 3, I thought it was a 4 but the guide rod is for a 3 and below and needs the adaptor for a Gen 4. A serial number check would tell me for sure, but it is together and functional so I'm happy.

EDIT: Range Partner has confirmed it is a Gen 3, not a Gen 4. Anyone need an adapter ring?

Tomorrow I am going to make some ammo, go shoot it up to compare it with the factory loads I have, then maybe load it up again. I'm also going to shoot at least 100 rounds of white box Winchester (and maybe some Tula and some of RP's reloads for good measure) through the Grok and see how the softer springs do.

Hopefully I get all of my toys back tomorrow.

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