07 August 2012

Sometimes, It's Just Easier

to let them go.

Old NFO had a post up a couple of days ago that reminded me of a story my oldest daughter once told me.

She works in a truck stop near Jacksonville Florida, right off the interstate, so she gets an interesting crowd. For instance, if you have ever seen the video of the drunk stop where the cop asks the stop-ee's help in putting down a tape stripe and he face-plants when he bends over to put the tape down, she got to see that live, in technicolor and surround sound.

Anyhooze, one day a traveler came in asking for directions. Specifically he wanted to know how much further south he had to travel to get to South Carolina. Eldest Daughter dutifully explained to him that since he was in Florida he would have to go north two states to get to South Carolina, a distance of about 150 miles up I-95.

He informed her that he was not going to North Carolina, he was going to South Carolina, ergo he must travel south and not north. Try as he may, he just couldn't get that through her thick head. Finally she just pointed him back towards the interstate and wished him well along his journey.

Sometimes I wonder if he ever figured it out, but for some reason I'm thinking he's stuck in Key West wondering where the rest of the road went.

And with that I'm off to bed. Everyone have a great day!


RabidAlien said...

Wow. And to think...they actually issued this guy a drivers' license. I was bad at geography in school, but sheesh!!!

Larry said...

Yep, it was quite comical. Apparently she even tried to show him on a map, but he was adamant that since he was going to SOUTH Carolina he needed to go SOUTH. Where she works is close to the I-10/I-95 interchange so she didn't quite know where he was coming from.