23 August 2012

Well, Bless His Heart!

Someone doesn't like the South much.  Good thing no one is forcing him to stay.

(Please do note the link is to a rather scathing review of the book in question, so it's safe.)

Note: I have to admit to being a damnyankee* because I was born and raised in Iowa, a Union state (southern Iowa, but Iowa nonetheless). In my defense I have lived south of the Mason-Dixon since I was eighteen.

*There are two allowable definitions: 
1) The only kind there is.
2) Northerners who move south and won't go the f**k home.


Anonymous said...

Coming from this Southerner - we don't need his type down here. As I have observed over my years - it seems those elitist northerners are the biggest racists in this country.

Oh BTW - I'm Baaack!

I'll be seeing you around, Larry.

Larry said...

Welcome back anonymous commenter!