02 June 2013

I Would Like

to see a situation where, if someone tells you that you are f*cked up like a soup sandwich, the follow-on conversation deals with how to take the soup out of your sandwich rather than the fact someone said the word f*ck to you and hurt your feelings and made you feel bad by pointing out your obvious incompetence.

Take the soup out of your sandwich and then you won't have to hear about your deficiencies, this solves both problems. It all seems so simple...but I suppose this is what we get with all the various "studies" degrees. Worthless people get promoted to positions of power (or hired in a mis-named "HR Department") and now we reap the inevitable rewards.

I don't know what brought that on. I suspect it has something to do with this. Flame if you wish, but at least have the integrity to admit, if only to yourself, that there is some truthiness to it. Individuals may be different, but groups are predictable. Flak and targets.


RabidAlien said...

Link didn't work, but I hear ya and totally agree. Used to be that people would hear criticism, and then seek out ways to improve if suggestions of improvement did not accompany the aforementioned criticisms. Nowadays, if you hurt Lil' Precious' self-esteem, you may be sued.

As for the flame wars...bring it on! I have brautwurst and marshmallows. Who brought the Doritos and beer?

Larry said...

Link has been repaired.