07 June 2013

She Don't Like, She Don't Like, She Don't Like...


My Glock, that is.

I attempted to put a few rounds through it at the Blogshoot but the darn thing wouldn't go back into battery, I had to smack the back of the slide every time. The round would eject, and then the next one wouldn't go into battery until I smacked the back of the slide again. The factory loads worked great.

Today I broke it down and tried fitting the rounds into the barrel. Both the earlier reloads and the latest ones with the moly bullets did this:

 but the factory loads were flush.

The reloads would seat all the way if I pushed them in, but then I had to pry them back out. The only thing I can think of is either the dies aren't set right or my Glock is being a picky bitch. Of course, there's nothing to say it can't be both.

I'm going to let Range Partner try the reloads, and maybe I'll invest in a Wolf barrel to see if that cures the pickiness, but until then I guess I'll stick with factory loads. I hope that it's something I'm doing wrong and can correct, with the present state of ammo factory loads are a pain to find.

In other news, my broken tooth is scheduled for a crowning. It's right across from the last one, so now I'll be balanced, at least in the bottom row of teeth department.

I also have a pair of foglamps coming in for the Scoobytruck, when I got it they were fine but within a couple of weeks they had been BB-gunned by a person or persons unknown (I have a feeling one or both of my boys were in the mix somewhere despite their denials). The left one came apart when I took it off the ramps after changing the oil on Wednesday, so it's time for new ones.

And last but not least, AGirl is hanging up her blogging spurs for a bit. I hope she can pop in once in a while now and again.

The remnants of TS Andrea are sliding through the Refuge for the next couple of hours and we expect to see scattered thunderstorms into next week.

That's it for now. I'll be ensconced in skating hell tonight for a few hours while Boy completely ignores me and chats up the girls, maybe I can get some homework done.

And maybe not.

UPDATE: A little adjustment on the seating die and all is, once more, good to go.


Robert Fowler said...

Check the depth of the sizer die. Set up with the ram extended, it should just touch the shell holder. If that doesn't cure the problem, you might need a small base die.

Larry said...

I'm hoping that's what it is. Thanks for dropping by Robert!

Larry said...

A little adjustment and one more trip through the factory crimp die and all appears to be well. I'll know for sure on the next range session.

agirlandhergun said...

Of course I will!

Anonymous said...

I knew a 'reloader' some years back who bulged, then blew a Glock barrel.
Therefore, I never shot any reloads when I acquired my 17, 26 or 30.

Glock did replace all the damaged parts for free, though!

There's something to be said for customer service.


Larry said...

AGirl, I'm glad of that!

GFA, sounds like he was loading them too hot. I just wasn't getting a good enough crimp when I seated the bullet.

Thanks for dropping by!