23 June 2013

Idle Thoughts

Watching that new Subaru commercial, where the guy is going everywhere and painting shitty pictures, gives me an eye tic. Particularly when he tells his wife that the one picture is upside down. I'd just like to punch him to the floor and say "There, how does it look now?"

It makes me think that Subaru is fighting hard for the "pretentious douchebag who can't afford a BMW" demographic. Sad, really, cause I truly like my Baja.


MSgt B said...


Dood, seriously, say it with me...


It's so embarrassing, I tell people "I've got this friend who drives a Subaru." and they all think I'm talking about myself and I just don't want to admit it in public.

Larry said...

Nee-sawn? Oh yeah, I had one of those, but they spelled it D-A-T-S-U-N back then (seriously, I did, an SX-200, great car).

Just tell them I'm a lesbian in training. :D (and it can always be worse, I have a son-in-law who has a *whisper* ...camaro...)

Thanks for dropping by MSgt B!

Angus McThag said...

Of course, there's nothing quite like being a normal person who owns a Corvette.

Corvette Owner is not the same as a normal person who happens to hold the title on one.

All I wanted was a car that went really fast and got really shitty gas mileage. I didn't get the mileage, but in exchange I got lumped in with THEM.

It's like owning a Camaro and not having a mullet.

Larry said...

I thought the mullet came as standard equipment with a Camaro. Or maybe that's concrete blocks...I forget...

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Angus McThag said...

I almost bought a new Camaro instead of the Vette.

It's right there in the contract that you have to be ABLE to grow a mullet, even if you don't actually have one.

The Vette contract stipulates one or more of the following, bald, impotent, divorced, or over 60.

Being bald I was left with just one recourse.

Larry said...

I was divorced at 22, should have gotten my 'vette then. I got a Harley instead. It served the same purpose. :D

Thanks for dropping by McThag!

kbdabear said...

Those awful hipster Subaru commercials they had last year made me go Elvis on the TV


Larry said...

TV is over-rated anyway.