30 January 2014

Live-Blogging the Snowpocalypse

Between 2 and 3 inches fell on us at the Refuge. I got out early the next morning, cleared the snow from the Subaru and Daughter's car and shoveled the walks and driveway. The sun came out and dried the driveway out before the afternoon was half over.

Son-In-Law borrowed the Subaru (AWD) to drive Daughter to work (Daughter can't drive a stick) and reported the roads were mostly clear. I went out to gas the Subi up and get a few things and the roads were clear and dry.

Today I went out and cleared off the Mustang, tomorrow I'll take it out and wash it up. There's a car show on Saturday and I want her to look good. The temps should be in the low 50's tomorrow and the high 50's on Saturday.

So to recap...Monday I drove the car to work with the top down, Tuesday it snowed on us, Wednesday I cleared the driveway and daily drivers, today the other two got cleared off, tomorrow will be warm enough to wash and detail the car and Saturday should be top down weather again for the car show if the sun is shining.

That's wintertime in the South.

A note about the picture; this was taken from my driveway, the road I live on is not maintained so the snow removal was done by Mr. Sun. It was clear by Wednesday night, having only been driven on all day and not plowed a bit.

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