15 January 2014


Just as soon as I said I couldn't justify the cost up pops a deal that I could afford. By selectively not paying some bills that I'm ahead on anyway I came up with the purchase price of a new laptop. So, Refuge Mobile is once again on the airwaves...webwaves...whatever they are.

The new laptop is an HP 2000-2d22DX with twice the RAM and half again as much hard drive space standard as the enhanced Acer had. The RAM can be upgraded to 8GB if I would like to do so, but I'm used to 2GB so 4GB is like going from TDP to the Mustang, so no need to supercharge it just yet.

And, as an added bonus, the webcam works...but unfortunately it only points at me, it doesn't flip around to take pictures of what I'm looking at like the Acer did...when it worked...

RIP faithful old Acer, hopefully the laptop doc can do something with your old pieces (he should be able to, two 1GB sticks of brand-new RAM and a new 500GB hard drive...)

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