20 February 2007

The Hits Keep Rolling

I am really enjoying this counter. I get more visits than I ever imagined.

I have hits from Texas and California, Ohio and Florida, from all across these great United States. Welcome one and all, thanks for stopping in!

No offshore visitors so far, but hope springs eternal.

One of my visitors hails from "deep in the heart of" Waldorf, Maryland. I am familiar with Waldorf from time (mis)spent at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Lexington Park MD in the early 90's.

Another comes by way of friend (smile when you say that) James's website. Since the visitor is from Louisiana, I know it's not James himself visiting from the link on his own site.

And he thinks no one is paying attention.

UPDATE: As of 24 February I have had visitors from the UK and NZ, so paragraph 3 above no longer applies. Welcome to all my visitors! Does this mean I've gone international?


HollyB said...

Here's another visitor from TX. I'm in the N-Central part of the Lone Star State. I LOVE my Site Meter. It is sooo much fun to go take a peek and see where readers live, who referred them or what search words they used to find me.

Now if I could just learn to post neat pics, like you. Alas, I am among the hopelessly cyberlexic.
Good Luck, and continued success to your blog.

Larry said...

Welcome to my humble webhome Holly, hope you had a good visit.