08 February 2007

Keep-Alive Posting

Not a lot going on at the Refuge. Nothing of interest at least.

There seems to have been some sort of flap about John Edwards hiring two blogsters for his campaign. Seems as if they are potty-mouths, but since they have promised to mend their evil ways he's going to keep them on. Good for him.

Anna Nichole Smith has died. Sorry to hear that.

My sister and brother in law are coming out for a visit next month. They want to see the races at Darlington. I tried to talk them into delaying for a week and seeing the race at Lowes instead, but they already had everything set. Looks like I'll be online for tickets.

Which reminds me that I haven't been home in quite some time. A fact that my mother is always bringing up.

Which brings to mind a conversation I had with my seven year old son recently, about how he is going to stay at home forever and take care of his mother. I recall telling my mother much the same thing. Soon after I graduated high school I joined the Navy and haven't been back, except to visit occasionally, since then.

Which is another factoid my mother can't resist reminding me of.

Life is good.

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